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Master The Art Of Sales Success

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This website is dedicated to all eye-care professionals and practitioners around the world, Optometrists, Eye-doctors, Dispensing Opticians, Eye-care practitioners, Independent Opticians, Multiples, Frame and Lenses manufactures,managers optical assistants, students, teachers and all who are interested in converting customers into raving fans by giving them an unforgettable customer experience once they enter your store.
The contents you find here are based on the book I have written called:
SPEC-tacular Dispensing Master The Art Of Sales Success
The book is designed to deliver useful and practical information to eye care professionals involved in dispensing and sales in a direct and efficient manner. It guides eye care professionals who are looking for an improvement in revenue generation with an emphasis on helping people to buy products and services.
It focuses on an approach which is natural, authentic and respectful to the people involved in conversations. It blends neurolinguistics programming,  5-step sales model, unconscious archetypical patterns of behaviour and consumer psychology to provide a proven framework for becoming more persuasive, influential and consistent during dispensing and beyond.
It differs from other optical books because it is not a manual,  nor a comprehensive textbook nor a system of operation; nor is it intended to offer theoretical and practical information about dispensing.
As a result of its contents Switch Online Courses  was designed specifically for opticians by opticians. It takes a huge load off any business and ensures that your staff development is always put first.
The courses are short powerful modules with real results. We have subjects like:
  • The Magic of Sales Success
  • Person of Influence
  • Selling to Different Cultures
  • Creating Customer Value
  • Generational Sales
  • SPECtacular Dispensing Secrets
  • Intro To The Magic 5 Framework Approach to Sales Success
Some of the courses are free so you can try it out!

SPEC-tacular Dispensing

What College Don't Teach YOU..And Your Practice Won't Tell YOU!

Finally, a book created for the authentic Dispensing Optician. Everything you ever wanted to know about helping people buy your products and services.

Free Resources

Change How You Think

The the hardest thing to do in life is to accept how extraordinary you can be, believe in yourself, and then incorporate this awareness into your attitude and personality. To be true to the self and to hold core values, you must first have an insight and knowledge of those core values. This self-awareness is a prerequisite for authenticity.

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Switch Online Courses

Want to be Successful? Update Your Habits The purpose of Switch Online Course Academy is to offer new cutting edge courses, specifically designed to help every Dispensing Optician instantly generate high-value sales and increase revenue in a natural and balanced way.

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The Customer Experience

When was the last time you had an outstanding customer experience? Perhaps you hesitated before answering. Now, think for a minute about your customers – would they hesitate before answering the same question about your business? If you think the answer might be yes, it’s time to consider the customer journey.

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Discover Your Dispenser Profile

This entry survey is designed to help me understand your 'Dispensing Personality Profile'. As well as to gauge your current experience with the concept of 'Spectacular You' The feedback from this survey will offer insights on improving your performance and productivity.

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Author Biography

Maria Anubi is a qualified dispensing optician and a business coach who holds a Master’s degree in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University.
To survive the challenges of the 1970’s inner City London, she recalls selling fire extinguishers door to door to bohemian London. To succeed and overcome her struggles, she decided to build herself a reputation for excellence in her service to customers and employers. Maria is a self-educated person and her passion for learning led her to become a practitioner who worked in some of Central London most prestigious stores.
Maria obtained a diploma in Dispensing Optics at Glasgow Caledonian University and is a member of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians. She was contracted by Army and Airforce Exchange Services to provide Optical Shops on all the US Airforce Bases in the UK.
 She owned a franchise with Dollond and Aitchison Opticians in West London. Eventually she opened her own independent optical boutique on the High Street, Oxford.
She calls herself an ‘eclectic’ reader, a curator of information on topics that range from optics to psychology, business, personal development and spirituality.
This book is based on Maria’s and others’ personal experiences with the intention of supporting leaders in building practice revenue and mastering the art of sales.
Maria has a series of related online courses ​Here is the link​​​

Author Biography

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  • Dept 135 94 London Road Oxford OX3 9FN