The Customer Experience

04 Nov

We have already established that by taking care of ourselves we as dispensers bring positive energy and vitality to work, this positively affects others and influences the overall landscape of the optical retail space.

Our customers step into this landscape because they have been invited, via reminder letters, emails, and order ready for collection and so on. Or they require our specialist products, knowledge and expertise and enter as our guests.

We all find ourselves being pulled in many directions and often cannot make time to attend to our own needs. Customers, guests who managed to take the time out from busy schedules, come into our store reminding themselves and others that their needs are important too!

This according to research is an aspect of stress management, taking a break from a hectic life can help customers feel they are escaping a ‘stressful reality’ and taking an emotional vacation.

Although our Five Step Frame Work approach will appears transactional it is not. The approach is a ‘journey’ that reinforces customer self-care by creating the perception of placing them first, making customers feel special and creating certainty, causes a trigger response for them to relax.

The journey – in its simplest form – is the set of interactions a customer has with team members  as they embark on a dispensing journey within the optical  retail space.

Customers often connect with us not only to  buy our product or service.   But once we meet their wants and needs they will be satisfied. This is far from the reality, the truth is, the purchase is just a small percentage of their journey. The significant portion of the journey is being in transit, or in pursuit of their overall requirement. Once they are in possession of the purchase, the moments of achievement and happiness tend to be short-lived, they get distracted by the next destination or goal.

Research tells us that the journey is more important than the final order (destination), the vehicle utilized for the journey is our Five Archetypes Frames Approach. This approach often excluded by the business owner. Time and again it is this intangible competency that can truly benefit the company.

Such benefits includes establishing relationships, (Friend archetype) which may lead to referrals and organic growth in the future. Journeys are great ways of building rapport and relationships, they reveal customers interests, perspectives on the best routes to take (Detective, Connector archetypes patterns of behaviour) to worthwhile stops. (Influencer archetype).

Our customers deserve such attention, and a consideration towards their well-being.

Attention to well-being can make our customers feel good about themselves and their life and conveys to others including the dispenser that they value themselves.

 Our role is to reinforce that belief by making the buying process fun, stimulating and curious.

Yes, we are in the business of customers’ well-being Our customers buy ‘feelings’ not things

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